When it comes to cyber risk, let experience, expertise and strategy do the talking.

If solving cyber problems—and preventing them in the first place—are a top priority, Todd G. Shipley is the cyber risk strategist you need to know. With more than three decades dedicated to military service, law enforcement and cyber forensics, he has the experience, technological savvy and discipline to help you stay ahead of the ever-evolving risks of the cyber world.

This speaker, author, broadcast analyst, documentary expert and educator spent 25 years in law enforcement, finishing his career as the Senior Detective Sergeant for the Reno, Nevada Police Department in charge of his department’s Financial and Computer Crimes Unit. During his tenure, he formed the State of Nevada’s first Computer Crimes Investigations Unit, and has been instrumental in the development and passage of many of the state’s bipartisan cybercrime laws.

Todd Shipley also served in the Nevada Air National Guard, specializing in security and base defense during his 31-year career. He completed numerous deployments overseas and received the United States Air Force Combat Action Medal during his time in Afghanistan before retiring with honors as Chief Master Sergeant in 2010.

Recognizing both the complexity of the problem and the need for his expertise in fields beyond law enforcement, Todd Shipley has broadened his cyber risk strategy efforts to include up-to-the-minute intel, high-level tactical plans and guidance for businesses, IT and HR professionals, and the public at large. Given today’s exponential growth of cybercrime, nearly everyone has been or will become a victim over time—a trend Todd Shipley intends to reverse one company, one agency, one individual at a time.

For more information on Todd Shipley’s extensive credentials and career accomplishments, please contact him. He’ll gladly share with those who really want to know.