Cyber threats are real. Protect your business with real expertise.

Part keynote speaker, part media analyst, part business consultant, Todd G. Shipley is all about educating people about the latest cyber risks and protecting businesses from today’s cyber threats.

If you’re looking for an expert in the field to bring your employees up to speed, a seasoned professional to analyze the latest dark web development, or a keynote speaker to bring a wealth of knowledge to your next conference, Cyber Risk Analyst Todd Shipley is the answer.

Keynote Speaker

Three decades worth of military, law enforcement and cyber forensics experience, plus an obvious drive to stay ahead of the curve, make Todd G. Shipley both a wealth of information and a man with many relevant stories to tell. He brings tremendous value to groups of all sizes, backgrounds and interests.

Media Analyst

Extremely knowledgeable, direct, succinct and current. These are just a few of the characteristics that make Todd G. Shipley a welcome edition to news and talk shows as well as an award-winning documentary. He’s well-versed in all aspects of cyber forensics, and sheds much-needed light on today’s cyber threats, crimes and strategies. See some of Todd Shipley’s previous media appearances.


Todd G. Shipley is a leading expert in cyber forensics and strategies, is a celebrated author, is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, and is a sought-after consultant and trainer in corporate and law enforcement circles all over the world.


To book an upcoming conference or event, or to find out more, please contact Todd Shipley.